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Xonecast is a secure cloud based digital signage application from Xvidia Technologies. It’s a do-it-yourself service that helps you design multimedia content using predefined templates or user created layouts, schedule and publish on any screen at the touch of a button. Xonecast has been actively used in retail, healthcare, food chains, hospitality, corporate etc. and has global presence.

Marketers often want to have an agile and centrally controlled system to monitor the content being played in their retail stores. Food-chain would like to use the idle POS screen to display offers. Mall or Amusement park would like to monetise the footfall with third party advertisements. The use cases span across Transportation, Banking, Hospitality, Corporates, Events etc.

Xonecast aims to transition the market from Pen Drive/SD Card based solution to Cloud based platform offering proof of play, scheduling, reporting etc. without human intervention. It will soon support social media capabilities, new layout designs and weather forecast features. It works on a variety of Android screens like tablet, TV, signage panel, Chromecast, set-top-box etc. as well as Windows Client.

Founded in 2013, Xvidia has sales, distribution and R&D operations in India & US with proven deployments worldwide across multiple industries, including critical infrastructure, city surveillance, central monitoring stations, transportation hubs and highways, law enforcement, retail, education, enterprise and industry, hospitality and more.

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